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Come find sweet romance in Camden Cove, set in a small New England seacoast town.


The handsome investor wants to sell her family’s seacoast inn. So, why can’t she just hate him?


Her childhood dreams were crushed when a single-dad swooped in from the city and stole her farm. So, how is the same guy also stealing this country girl’s heart?


She just escaped a bad relationship. He's ready to love and protect her from the past. But, is she ready to let him or will she become his next lost love?


Her fiancé dumped her right before Christmas. Can an old flame help her find some holiday cheer, and maybe more? Grab this second chance Christmas romance!


She's back from Paris to help with her family's bakery. He doesn't want an extra cook in the kitchen, but he can't deny that she's good for the bakery, and for him. Can these opposites find a recipe for love?

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