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A heart-warming romantic women's fiction series set in Martha's Vineyard


Starting over at 55 can be difficult, but a new beach house, great friends, and a sweet guy can make things a bit easier. 


Renee doesn’t just want to survive her divorce. She wants to come out stronger and more independent, for herself and her unborn child. 


Samantha's ex is getting married and her career is in the dumps. When all hope seems lost, friends and family help her find herself, a new love, and a new life. 

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Harper is single and her career is in the slumps. Fortunately, she has Bitty, a friend and mother-figure, who helps her get her career on track and discover that love and happiness is sometimes hidden where you least expect to find it.  

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Camilla finds herself in over her head as she tries to navigate her mother’s complicated illness, preserve her childhood beach house, and bring their dysfunctional family back together.


After a humiliating break-up with her fiance, Lilah has lost her Christmas spirit, along with any hope of ever finding love.  But when sparks ignite between Lilah and Drake, a single dad, they both need to decide whether to give happiness another chance, or risk passing up a Christmas miracle.

halfmoon harbor.png

Angelina fled from Martha’s Vineyard as a teen and tried to leave her painful past behind. But when she comes back to help her mother, she’s forced to deal with her ex, the father of her daughter, who after all these years, suddenly wants to be in Penny’s life. 


 Sonja finally found the courage to leave her toxic relationship. But she doesn’t just want to get away from him, she wants to get away from all of it. Now in her fifties, she doesn’t like who she’s become, so she escapes to a lakeside cabin to rediscover herself.

Seashell Summer small.jpg

Carol had sent her grieving sister on a trip to Martha's Vineyard to help her move forward. Now, it's Carol who needs the island's magic to heal her own broken heart.


Abby and Brody had started dating a year ago, but Brody brought everything to a halt after he let his fears get the best of him. He now realizes that he's made the biggest mistake of his life, but it seems as if he may be too late to redeem himself.

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